Elle and I met at school in the 80’s and we got hitched in 93 during my early business years – that 27 years and counting…..

It goes without saying that I could not have achieved anything without her love and support – the early years were hard and we remember tin food well…..

We have two amazing children – Sophie 26 & Charlie 17 who started early by attending our family board meetings at Kiddicare while sleeping under the table!

Sophie is a child of Kiddicare.com and has developed a “get it done today attitude” – after all she did start on the shop floor at 8 years old….!

Today she is part of the Elevaate.com management team

Charlie is working hard in his last few years of six form so he can join the Haatch team full time. Meanwhile, he’s learnt the ins and outs of WordPress and Shopify, in order to create and manage websites for Haatch and servel other clients.

Unfortunately I’m the product of divorce;  in-fact my parents were married 7x times between them so you can imagine I tried to pick the right girl – Elle and I have a great saying:

stick with the crazy you know….!

Sophie & Oliver are now married and expecting their first child in the summer of 2020

It’s all about family for the Weavers-Wrights.