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Haatch Ventures

Haatch Ventures is an extension of my angel investments under the Haatch Angel brand and enables investors to benefit from our knowledge & experience of investing in disruptive UK technology whilst taking advantage of significant tax reliefs under the SEIS & EIS scheme.

To date the approach has produced market-leading returns. The current portfolio has average ROI of 5.60x based on the latest third party fund-raising round for each company.

We have deployed £2.8m during 2019/20 and our target return on exit is 10x or more within the fund period.

Haatch Ventures is an EIS Fund and incubator designed to invest not just cold hard cash into exciting tech-enabled start-ups, but, critically, hands-on support and help too.

And with the rate of technology-enabled disruption accelerating exponentially around such areas as the gig economy, autonomous vehicles, the rollout of 5G and connected devices, the march of cloud computing and digital dirsruption the timing could not be better.

AUM is expected to hit £10m this tax year.

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Haatch Angel

Founded in September 2013 as an angel investment venture under the “Haatch Angel” brand, Haatch is an early-stage investment business backing the pioneers of the digital revolution.

My investment focus has been primarily within the SaaS and retail technology verticals however this has expanded to cover B2B SaaS, Pro-Consumer, On-Demand, Gig Economy and Digital Consumer.

Haatch was co-founded with Fred Soneya on the back of the hugely successful technology start-up program at Kiddicare.com which Scott led.

As part of this transformational programme Scott personally selected 10+ digital start-ups based in around Silicon Valley & NYC for the Kiddicare.com platform. In return he championed their solutions and became a reference site in Europe.

Every single technology start-up implemented into the Kiddicare.com platform has since been acquired for in excess of $2 billion.

Haatch Desks

Haatch Desks provides world-class, cool, flexible, all-inclusive co-working and private spaces in Stamford and Peterborough.

With 150+ seats and occupancy at 80% the business has ambitions to add an additional 40,000 sq foot to achieve 1000+ seats over the next few years.

Haatch Desks offers Hot Desks, Resident Desks, Private Offices and Meeting Rooms in fully inclusive, cool and inspiring environments!

Haatch Desks was launched to create an awe-inspiring environment for digital entrepreneurs to create and launch companies without the hassle of long leases and un-inspiring offices.

Coupled with our investment businesses; Haatch Desk environments have become technology incubators and a really amazing place to pitch up.

Haatch Desks is based around the entrepreneur in residence scheme.